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“…if you get to surprise your friends, shop for a whole new wardrobe, make good on your New Year resolutions and get fit in the process, give me a good reason why you wouldn’t want to give it a shot….Read MoreVivek V

“….Interestingly, they did not give me any meal plans! But they gave amazing guidance on nutrition and something more important which becomes a part of your life. What really worked for me were the small tweaks that Sonali and Sujoy brought into the program for each client that made all the difference. And being a sales professional with a crazy stressful traveling job, the remote monitoring, amazing ideas on how to stay on course even on the road. They covered it all…Read MoreSandhya 

“…..I have learnt a lot in this program
– The right food choices for myself
– The right quantity of food for each meal
– How to monitor and be aware of hunger levels
– Slow eating will make you feel full with much lesser food than what i was used to
– The importance of consistency in training and nutrition…..Read MoreAshish P

“….The habits by themselves are really quite easy to follow. It almost makes you wonder how such simple habits could lead to such drastic results.Six months down the line I am a much slimmer person from outside and inside. I went for a health check-up and found that my blood sugar had drastically reduced from 100’s to 70’s/80’s fasting and PP…..Read MoreBharati M

“….By simple planning, one can make judicious food decisions. By eating healthy and nutritious food one can reduce fat. Dieting is not the solution. Slow and mindful eating can do wonders.

I lost more than 6 inches around the waist and lots of inches overall. And, I have gained a lot out of this program. I have been introduced to running by Sonali, been provided secret healthy recipes including bread and sourdough, been provided ways to handle PMS related issues and a whole lot more. I will surely recommend people to join MyInsight Wellness program….Read MoreAnuradha P