About Us

Get to Know Us – What do we do?

Habit Focus
Our program focuses on the individual’s limiting factors. We focus on any habit(s) that is causing issues. We work with the individual to remove those limiting factors so that the results sustain for longer and without much effort.
Remember – Focusing on less helps you achieve more. That’s the mantra we follow. One habit at a time.

Customised Plans
Our program is customized and unique to each individual keeping in mind the limiting factors. We have plans for people who can’t workout, people who travel, people who have allergies, people who have hormonal issues, etc. We have plans for athletes and we have plans for people with mobility issues.

Many of us know a lot about nutrition. Many of us don’t. Some know a lot about running, some know a lot about body-weight training, etc. However, we still feel that there is lot to learn. During the program we re-educate our clients about nutrition, exercise and recovery.

Remote Coaching
If you workout with a coach for 1 hour, you still have 24-1=23 hours to go without the supervision of a coach. Things go crazy during these 23 hours. People slip and fall.

We work remotely, so that we are with you during your and our active (non-sleeping) hours. You have the flexibility to learn, apply and question our approach from any location of this planet (where either the phone or internet works…else you are on your own. We will be in touch with you during your active hours so that your possibility of slipping reduces.

We have designed a beautiful Habit Tracker which measures your progress through the program. e.g, – weight, girth and skin-fold measurements.

Our Professional Staff

Our professional staff includes IIT and IIM graduates with professional certification from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Nutritional coaching certification from Precision Nutrition. They are also avid marathon runners and crossfit athletes. They practice what they preach.