Being Motivated All The Time


* Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be energized all the time?

* Wouldn’t it be amazing to see results pouring in?

* Wouldn’t it be fun to play a game where you are on the edges of your seat most of the time?



* Wouldn’t it be demotivating if you keeping losing all the time?

* Wouldn’t it be draining to keep putting 100% of your maximum effort (mental and physical) to get any job done?

* Wouldn’t it be scary to take a goal that is 50% more than your last goal?


To keep us motivated, we need a balance of optimal challenge, optimal effort and a sense of curiosity/uncertainty in succeeding.

When the task is too challenging, fear sets in. Kids get scared to handle new subjects. Runners don’t like weight training. Weightlifters don’t like running long distances. People on fat loss, fear all the nice foods being cut out from their lives.

When the task demands 100% and more of your effort, we will do it one day and then we just give up. Many runners will do the tempo run for a few weeks and then drop it completely. People go to Crossfit gyms, give 100% on day one, to never return back. People on fat loss, eat super clean for a few weeks and then they totally go the opposite direction.

When the results of the tasks are already known, people are either excited or demotivated. If the results are in our favor, we will be excited today. Then if the same results come, we will slowly start reducing the efforts. Why bother, when we are winning? And if the results are not in our favor, we might do the task once, but then we will ask ourselves ‘Why bother when we don’t stand a chance?’.

To stay motivated to achieve a goal, we need 3 numbers. 20 – 80 – 50. Difficult to remember? Keep reading.

20% (More Challenging): When the goal is 20% more than our previous achievement, it is just right enough for us to achieve it. If you have run, 10K this week, you can run 12K next week. If you have read 10 pages yesterday, you can challenge yourself to read 12 pages today. If you were successful in eating clean for 10 meals, you can focus on eating clean for 12 meals. Got the idea?

80% (Max Effort) : Put 80% of your max effort in achieving your goal. Keep some gas in the tank to recover from the 80% effort that you put in. 100% effort day in day out will burn you out. Read more on this, in this article ‘’. 80% of max effort is sustainable in the long run. Ask any long distance runner and they will vouch for this statement. If your kid is asked to sit and study for 60 min, scale it down to 45 min. Give the kids some break after 45 min. The brain can only take so much.

50-50 (Chance of winning): Life should be mysterious. A balance between certainty and uncertainty adds spice to living. Seek out goals where you have 50-50 chance of winning. This will keep you at the edges of your seat to do tasks that bring you closer to winning.

This extra push will help you improve.

To Summarize – Keep yourself motivated by 

  • 20% – More challenging Effort
  • 80% – Max Effort on your goals/tasks
  • 50/50 – Chances of Winning.

We help people achieve fat loss and strength goals using principles like the above mentioned. If you would like to know more about our program, do contact us.


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