5 years ago, while decluttering our home, we did a simple math on the utensils that we use regularly and found that on an average, we were using 24 katories per day for a family of 3. This was big number considering the amount of water and effort goes into cleaning those. 
I come from the defence background. My parents and in-laws were in Indian Navy. In the barracks and in Navy hospitals, the sailors would be served their food in divided-dinner plates. It was not ‘cool’ to use those plates for home use. Taking cues from Indian Navy, we went ahead and bought those steel plates and started using them. Our katories usage has gone down drastically.  

Now, we know something is missing if one of the sections is not filled up. We get our veggies,
proteins and smart carbs appropriately filled up. We are super happy that we don’t have to wash so many utensils. Over the years, our clients have adopted this plate after they saw what we ate during our regular meals (we walk the talk) and then their friends have adopted this plate.  

Some have used it for portion-control. Some have used it to manage their macros. Some now use it to manage their utensils. Some have even gone ahead and given it their own names. Whatever, be the reason, this plate has helped them.
4th December is Indian Navy day. We are very grateful for what Indian Navy has done for us. We are more grateful how a small plate from the defence forces has changed our lives. 
If you are using more than 1 Katori in your meal, try this plate. You never know that it might change your life too. 
Pic-Credit: Pinterest

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