Earning a PhD without Schooling – Easy and Guaranteed.

We do see such advertisements on streets, buses, trains etc. Some of us 
do fall for it. But most of us are smart enough to understand that these are all fakes. However, many of us fall for these advertisements ‘Lose 10 kilos in 3 months -easy and guaranteed’. For many, it would have taken 5-10 years to gain massive amounts of fat and yet they expect to get rid of it in few months.
The ‘easy’ part, in the ads, is so alluring. The photos in the ads do show people who have lost weight. However, rarely do we get to see these same people after 3 months when the pics were taken. If these people have lost weight so easily, the gain is also very easy. Case in point is the series called ‘Biggest Loser’. The participants are shown to have lost large amounts of weight in short time. However, when the same participants are tracked down after a year, they gain back almost half of it. Sometimes, even more.
People are ready to put in money. But money alone cannot get the results. Work gets the results. If it is your body, then somebody else cannot do the work for you. They can guide you but not eat the right food for you, workout in the gym for you and manage a good lifestyle for you. The hard work has to be put by you.

Fat gain happens because people get too much comfortable with their food and bad habits. For fat loss to happen, people have to get out of the comfort zone and that is not easy. If you want to change, then you cannot expect the same status quo with your food or your lifestyle. If you want to be fit like an athlete, you cannot just eat what they eat, you also have to work hard as them. Just eating a ‘celebrity’ diet is not gonna make you a celebrity. 

Start your fat loss journey with a single step after accepting these 3 ideas:
1. Fat loss will take time and hard work
2. Keeping fat off is gonna take hard work too
3. Fat loss is about lifestyle change and not just ‘tips & tricks’.

However, once you make the lifestyle changes that includes your food, your training, and your recovery, things slowly start to fall in place.
PS: Came across this wonderful statement somewhere ‘The time that you took to get into a forest will be more or less the time you will take to come out of it’.
Pic-Credit: newayscenter.com, nd-center.com
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