The Great Indian Buffet

‘Paisa Vasool’ (“Every Penny’s worth”) is the mantra we follow when we hear the word Buffet. Every food has to be eaten and every drink has to be gulped so that we get the best bang for our worth. Buffets are a great place where we ‘Pay To Get 
Fat’. And when asked why we do it, often the answer is ‘We are Indians. Indians love Buffet’.

There are ways to manage Buffets.
1. Prepare: If you are going to buffets where the food is brought to your table, you better be prepared. Eat veggies and drink water before landing up in such place. This will prevent you from saying ‘Yes’ to ‘anything’ that is brought to your table.

2. Place: Sit far away from the food stalls with your back towards it. People usually will not walk 20 meters for refills (seconds). If you don’t see food, you will not be urged to go for it.

3. Pace: Slow down. Dial down your speed of eating by 50%. This alone will help you prevent overeating.

4. Plate:
Take a small plate and fill the quarter of it with food. Only after eating that, should you go for a refill.

5. Potion: Sip water between bites. Removal of aftertaste helps in calming your head and prevents overeating.

6. Pastry: 1 pastry, 1-3 bites. That’s it. Each bite savored mindfully. Be a connoisseur and not conjoos (miser).

So there is it – How to conquer the Great Indian Buffet.


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