Nutrition For Kids

Children have their own unique nutrient needs and meeting those needs is vital for a child to grow up big, strong and healthy. Good nutrition results in 

1. Healthy weight
2. Brain development
3. Good Mood & Behavior in kids.

Most of the kids and families these days have busy schedules. Hence the diet of kid’s involve a lot of convenience / take-out foods. Which is unhealthy and can cause lifelong diseases. Most of the time weight of parents is also reflected in their kids. Excess weight in kids can result in

1. Cardiovascular diseases
2. Insulin related issues such as diabetes, blood sugar, etc
3. Hormonal issues. Ex: Early puberty, man breasts, etc
Worst of all – body image issues.

Path to healthy Lifestyle 

1. First step – remove packaged food. The biggest culprit in India – packaged cereals. These have enough preservatives and sugar to even make a grown person sick and unhealthy. Also keep away from sweetened ‘probiotics’ or ‘yogurts’.

2.  Get more veggies. Just cucumber and tomato is not enough. Get atleast 5 colored veggies in your plate in a day. Stop the usual excuses – ‘My kids don’t like veggies’, ‘It takes so much time’,’I don’t have time to cook’,’I can’t find veggies’ etc. Find solutions, else the kids will be provided ‘intravenous solutions’ in a hospital.

3. You have to start with yourself first. You cannot tell them what to do if you are not doing that yourself. Kids mimic what their parents do.

If you notice, weight issues, swinging moods and behavioral issues, get a checkup done from a doctor and nutritionist. The answer may be just under your nose.


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