Case against ‘Healthy’ Eating and Calorie Counting.

In our fat loss practice, many clients talk about calorie counting. Reduce the calories and fat will disappear. Logically correct. However, if the calories are coming from chips or bottled ice tea, then reducing the calories will not help much. Moreover, calorie counting is way off by almost 25%. So if your calculations says 2500 calories, your actual calorie count would be between 1875 and 3125 calories.

Reducing calories drastically, purely by calorie counting ,without looking at the constituents of the food will result in

a. Reduction of fat and lean muscle mass.
b. Reduction of hormonal activities (no sex drive, issues in menstrual cycle, thyroid issues)
c. Mental irritation
d. A whole lot of other issues.
So, instead of calorie counting, eat whole non-processed foods, when you are really hungry and stop when you are satiated (not stuffed).

Many clients also talk about eating ‘healthy’ food and still not losing weight. The ‘healthy’ foods here are chia seeds, sunflower seeds, ragi malt, mixed grain parathas, etc. These are not magic foods but advertised foods (ever seen advertisements for tomatoes or cauliflowers?) to generate revenue for some people. Most of these ‘healthy’ foods are calorie dense. The digestion and absorption of most of these ‘healthy’ foods does not require much calories. Eating these will not cause fat loss.  Calorie deficit will cause fat loss.

Instead of ‘healthy’ advertised food, eat local, lean proteins and veggies. 
In short, Eat local, lean proteins and veggies when you are really hungry. Stop eating when you are satiated (Not stuffed).
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