Will Power

Most people eat what they consider healthy. Many, in their quest to lose weight, start their day eating low calorie and ‘healthy’ food. For example, eating fruits or oats or muesli. As evening approaches, they find themselves yearning for some masala chai with some samosa or pakode or chips. Then another round of healthy and restrictive eating happens during dinner. Suddenly in the middle of the night, cravings for chocolate or ice cream or biscuits or chips take over. Heavy hearted, they blame themselves to be lacking will power or discipline. 

Will power is like a muscle. It gets tired if it is used too often and if there is no energy.

When there is a calorie restriction, the body wants to eat more to ensure that it gets its required number of calories through the feelings of hunger or cravings. Exercising willpower often through the day, to eat calorie restricted diet will tire your will power. So, if you want to avoid chai or ice cream cravings, have appropriate calories at appropriate intervals during the day. So that the body is not left to feel very hungry and thus is not exercising the will power so often.

Moreover, eating ‘healthy’ food that neither satisfies your heart nor makes you feel good, also exercises your willpower. To seek comfort (from all the willpower exercises) you most probably will gravitate towards foods that you like in the later part of the day. This might end up making you eat more food.


Eat food that you like. That does not mean eating Ice Creams or Pizza. It means going for Poha with veggies and chutney rather than Bread or going for idli and sambar rather than Oats. In short, eating local cuisine that you grew up eating, to satisfy your hunger and your heart.

Fat loss will happen, as you will not be eating too much calories.

What are the 5 dishes that you like? How would you space one or two of these dishes in your daily meal. Let us know.

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