Running Essentials

Oh that new Fitbit with all the shabang metrics! I will analyze all my data and put Oracle BI to shame. I will be superfast.
Oh that Nike with the jazzy new feature that will make me fly! I will be superfast.
I should buy that hydration belt, then I will save 30 sec in each water station. If there are 6 water station in a 21K, then I save 3 min! I will be superfast.
If I listen to a music with 180BPM, then I will be running the strides of an elite. I will be superfast!

All of the above are true and yet…not so simple. Choose your running gear wisely as you start taking up running seriously.

1. Keep it light weight.
2. Keep 1 size larger than your feet size because while running the feet swells up and the toes start hitting the shoes causing injuries.
3. Buy shoes that have flatter bottoms thus reducing the chances of stones getting stuck specially on trails or Indian roads.
4. Buy shoes with flatter gradation i.e. shoes that don’t have heels much higher than the toes. If there is too much cushion, then the chances of injuries increases.

1. Have dry fit clothes that help the sweat evaporate.
2. Choose colors that are visible during the day as well during the night, so that vehicles and fellow runners can see you.
3. Have a lose fitting clothes so that you can breathe move you limbs.

Running Watch / Bands
1. Keep it simple. Unless you are going pro or are planning a triathlon, very few metrics would be needed (Pace, distance, time).
2. The digits on the watch/band should be visible. While running it will be difficult to see itsy-bitsy-tiny-winy digits.
3. Keep it light.

1. Avoid music as it distracts. Be aware of your surroundings – cyclists, vehicles and fellow runners.
2. After a while, even 180BPM will be irritating.

Hydration Belts
1. Avoid as much as you can. Figure out ways to get water from water stations or keep bottles in places where you can find them on your route.
2. If you buy one, then 
    a.  Get a belt, where you can reach and get the bottle out quickly.
    b. Get a belt, where you can easily keep the bottle back while running.
    c. Get a belt, that does not shake much
    d. Get a belt, that does not pinch you where you wear it.
    e. Get a belt, where the bottles don’t leak while running.

In summary, keep it simple. Be mindful of your surroundings while running. Enjoy the run.

Happy Running.


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