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Masala dosa with filter coffee. Bun maska with Irani chai. Sounds like the call of the deadly yet beautiful sirens after a 5k or 10k run. What do we do? Tie ourselves to the mast of the boat? Well may be not.


After any physical exercise longer than 45 min, the body’s immunity takes a nose dive. Moreover, the muscles are damaged during this process. However, the muscles are ready to take in nutrition at this time. To repair the muscles, improve the immunity and provide nutrients & energy to your body, eat a combination of proteins and carbohydrates within 30-45 minutes of ending your workout. Carbohydrate has the dual function of providing energy and also helping in the assimilation of protein by the body. Protein alone does not do the job properly. 

Be warned that consuming fats (a little is fine) just after workout can cause digestion issues. Plus the insulin spike just after ingesting carbohydrates will shuttle the fat right into those love handles.

For long distance runners, the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins can be around 3:1.

There are various ways to include proteins and carbohydrates into your diet. Ex:

1. Egg sandwich
2. Plain dosa (Spicy crepe) with sambar (lentil + veggie soup) and chutney (peanut+coconut paste)
3. Protein shake
 This weekend, enjoy your run and have some fun with food. Just remember – moderation is the key.

Happy Running.

Pic-credit : palmbeachuk.com, ebay.co.uk, clarapersis.com

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