Running Form

With the start of running or walking, people will encounter aches and pains across the body. Most of them are related to running form apart from other causes. Running form need not be very complicated. While running keep the following pointers in mind from head to toe.


1. Straight posture: Imagine a tread running all the way from your spine to the crown of your head. Imagine that tread being pulled towards the sky. You will automatically straighten up. Keep reminding of this thread’s pull every one kilometer to constantly keep your posture in check. To know more, read about ‘Alexander technique’ for posture correction.

2. Stable Torso: Side to side swaying or clock-wise and counter-clock wise rotation of the torso should be avoided. Keep the torso stable because extra movement of the torso will expend more energy and fatigue will set in quite early.

3. Arms closer to your body: Keep the arms bent at the elbows and yet closer to your body. At this posture the arms will make an angle less than 90 degrees.

4. Short strides: Sprinters over stride. We are not sprinting ‘yet’. For the novice long distance runners, shorter strides with slight knee lift will prevent issues such as knee pains, heel pains etc.

5. Fore foot or mid foot strike: Do not strike the ground with your heel first. Try to make contact using either the fore-foot or the mid-foot. This will reduce the shock from the impact of your body to the ground.

To know more, read about ‘Chi Running’, ‘Pose Running’

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