Searching For the Magic Bullet

‘Please eat your proteins and veggies daily’.

‘But dal (lentil soup) and sabzis (veggies) are so boring. Isn’t there anything else to eat that will help me lose fat?’

Many people are searching for the magic bullet(s) that will help them lose loads of fat. The magic bullet is right under our nose and we can’t seem to see it.

silver bullet

Dal and Sabzi are definitely boring if they are not put in the right context. Let’s put these two in the right context.

Dal Makhani and Chettinad Pattani Kuram is not boring.

Navrang Dal and Aubergine in Spicy Peanut Sauce is not boring.

Rajasthani Dal Muthiya and Mulakootal (Vegetables in Coconut Gravy) is not boring

Now you can see that Dal and Sabzi are amazing! You just have to put them in the right context.

If you eat the same dal (lentil soup) and the same sabzi (veggies), day in and day out, it will be definitely boring. The body will start rejecting it because it needs more nutrients than one dal and one veggie will provide.

But, dal or legumes are not of a single type. There are 100s of legumes. If one starts cooking one type of legume, then it will take months before you taste the same dal again. So how can dal be boring? If different legumes are mixed and matched, then the variety increases many folds. Add the cuisine of different Indian states and the varieties explode.

Same goes with veggies. Many people are searching for those elusive veggies that are grown in Mexico, Timbuktu, Peru, Chile, and God-knows-where-and-in-which-jungle, just because it is advertised to help you lose weight. If that would have been the case, then these countries would not have any obesity crisis.

India has myriads of veggies and different type of vegetarian protein sources (legumes, milk based products, soya based products, etc). These protein sources and veggies are more than enough to help you lose fat and maintain amazing health. Try out the cuisine of each state for a month with their veggies and you will be back at the first state’s cuisine after 2 years! How’s that for amazing?

Search for the magic in Indian cuisine and locally grown food. Instead of spending on ‘elusive’ magic pills, eat local and help our farmers too.

Pet bhi khush,

Dil bhi khush,

Jaeb bhi kush aur

Desh bhi khush.


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