He could not get up from the flat bed of the business class. The steward smiled and waited as he held the champagne glass for him. He was ashamed that he considered himself fit and yet he could not get up. It was a wakeup call for him to not just be healthy but also strong and fit. 

‘I travel so much. I don’t get time to work out.’

‘Most hotels don’t have a gym.’

‘Did you see the weights in the hotel gym? They are like rattles for kids’

‘Uggghhh, hotel gyms are creepy’

‘Most of the time, I spend on the airport and you are telling me to work out? Are you nuts?’

Well, we understand all this. We have been through this.

Travellers in airports are usually:
1. Slumped over laptops or smartphones
2. Mindlessly gulping down food
3. Window shopping
4. Getting impatient to get inside the plane
5. ___Fill in the blanks

With a little thought and an attitude for adventure, airports and airplanes can become an excellent fat burning maze.

Let the game begin

Level 1: Walk!

Walk and cover as much distance as possible in airports while waiting. If you have a carry on, then that adds to the resistance. This way you can check out the whole of the Dubai or Changi airport and burn over 300-400 calories.

Level 2: Walk + Stretches

Stretch out the hammies, the quads, the shoulders, the pecs, the whole body. The body will thank you while you sit in the same position for hours.

Level 3: Perform body weight exercises
While waiting in Dubai airport, we found an area where lots of flat seats were available for travellers to stretch and even catch a snooze. Besides that area, there was a blind spot – an area people would not visit or was out of the eye-sight of fellow travellers. So we set ourselves a challenge and did 3 sets of pushups to failure, 3 sets of airsquats, and plank. Then we sat down and did some sitting yoga postures. Done and dusted.

Find an obscure corner or let people sleep in the airplane. Go to the corner (or at the back of the airplane) and belt out multiple rounds of airsquats, lateral squats, pistols, pushups, single arm pushups, etc. You are only limited by your imagination. Sometimes the steward or stewardesses also join in.

You can play games with yourself. Set out a target that in the next airport visit, you will belt out 3 rounds of walk of XYZ airport. Next time beat that score with say 3.5 rounds of walk. If you have done 3 sets of pushups, challenge yourself to do 4 in the next visit to the airport.

Our clients find this one of the most amazing experiences while travelling because the fatigue seems to just vanish. They are replacing their coffees (with sugar and milk) with these games and finding it more interesting, invigorating and also fun. “Life main fun hona mangta”.

We will talk about workouts and games in hotels in our upcoming article. Got friends who travel frequently? Do hit “share” and spread the happiness.


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