Superfood 2 – Tomato


Today lets discuss about the second Superfood – Tomato. It’s a fruit that is cooked as a vegetable. Typically its served as a part of a salad, sandwich or a main course meal.

Tomatoes contain carotene lycopene, which gives them the red color and is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants found rarely in other foods. Studies have shown that lycopene , especially in cooked tomatoes prevents prostrate cancer. Lycopene also protects the skin from harmful UV rays hence preventing sunburn and keeps the skin looking youthful.

Tomatoes are also excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and fiber.

100 grams of tomatoes contain roughly 20 calories which can be easily absorbed by our body. Hence it is often recommended in many weight-loss programs.

Tips: Tomatoes keep best at room temperature unwashed and out of direct sunlight.
Storing the tomatoes with the stem down can prolong shelf life.


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