“I want to lose weight. 10 kilos in the next 3 months.”

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People don’t want to lose weight. They want to look good. The definition of physical beauty has changed over the years, and so has the goals. Unless, a person is a professional athlete, most people focus only on one goal – body composition. In body composition, also there is more focus on weight loss.

Holistically, a particular health goal should have 3 components. Those components are:
1. Body Composition: Body weight, lean body mass, fat mass.
2. Medical Health: Blood lipid profile, hormone profile, blood pressure, etc
3. Physical Performance: Ability to performance any pre-set physical work.

For example, time taken to run a kilometre, maximum number of push ups that can be done, etc.

So, a typical balanced goal can be
1. Losing 7 kilos of fat and gaining 2 kilos of lean muscle mass over 9 months,
2. Reducing harmful cholesterol, lowering the high blood pressure,
3. And to be able to run 10K in under 60 min.

To achieve these goals, there has to be an optimum balance between
1. Physical work or exercise or training
2. Nutrition
3. Active Recovery

Everyone is unique, their goals also would be unique and their approach to achieve those goals also has to be unique. People have to be aware of their uniqueness, their unique goals, and their unique approach. They need to dive deep to find their ‘MyInsight’.

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