Active Recovery

Active recovery tools
After a gruelling day of work and training, it feels so great to just lie on the couch and watch rerun of ‘Friends’. And after a great dinner and wine, it feels even great to have what we call as sleep. Active recovery is more than lying down on the couch and having a ‘6-hour’ sleep.

Active recovery involves deliberate activities for recovering from physical, mental and emotional upheavals we subject ourselves throughout the day, week, month – you get the idea. Sleep and watching TV are rather passive, don’t you think?

For physical recovery, realign your bones and muscles, heal all the micro-traumas that the body has gone through, regenerate cells, etc. The best bet is a good 7-8 hours of sleep (yeah, yeah everybody knows that). However, yoga, foam rolling, deep tissue massage, etc are something that are gaining attention of people interested in body transformation and improving sports performance. Foam rollers are one amazing recovery tool. Try it.

For mental and emotional recovery meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, etc does wonders. More on meditation, mindfulness and gratitude later.

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